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Effortless Flashcard Creation

Turn your study materials from dull to dynamic in a flash! WithMemoyr, import images, csv, or text and watch as up to 200 flashcards come to life instantly. No more mind-numbing manual entry – just quick, easy, and organized learning. Create custom Card Sets to match your study style, whether for a single topic or the whole syllabus. Memoyr makes studying not just efficient, but surprisingly enjoyable!

Customize Your Study Sets

Elevate your learning experience by converting card sets into personalized study sets. Tailor each study set to match your subject or topic needs, ensuring you manage your learning material more effectively. On our Study Set page, dive into customization and make it truly yours. Choose from a palette of colors to set the theme of your study set, creating an environment that resonates with your study mood. It's not just studying; it's studying in style.

Distraction-Free Learning

Dive into effortless learning on our 'Memorize' page, where memoyrizing flashcards becomes a breeze. Designed for ultimate focus, this super simple interface frees you from distractions, allowing you to concentrate on what matters: your learning. With Memoyr, it's about making memorization not just effective, but surprisingly enjoyable and hassle-free.

More than Flashcards

Discover a diverse range of learning tools on Memoyr. From multiple choice quizzes and writing tasks to matching games and arranging activities, we're constantly expanding our repertoire. Each method is crafted to make your study sessions more engaging and effective. Get ready for an ever-evolving learning experience!

Track Your Progress

Observe your journey from initial learning through to the achievement of memoyrizing and acing tests. This tool gives you a clear view of how your skills develop, providing valuable insights into what you've mastered and what needs more focus. It's more than just studying; it's about watching yourself grow and celebrating every success along your learning path.

Learning Progress

Enhanced Learning with Spaced Repetition

Memoyr harnesses a scientifically proven spaced repetition algorithm, transforming the way you learn. It's more than memorizing flashcards; our system adapts to your study habits, optimizing the order of flashcards for maximum retention. Experience a smarter way to learn, where each flashcard is timed perfectly for your learning journey, ensuring deeper understanding and longer-lasting knowledge.

Memoyr is in its early development stage, there may be occasional bugs and feature changes. Also, be aware that all created flashcards will be publicly visible.